• Improve Your School's Water Quality Today

    Introducing a water filter for school can significantly enhance the quality of drinking water and bring numerous benefits to the educational environment. These filters efficiently eliminate impurities, contaminants, and undesirable odours, ensuring a safe and refreshing water supply. Improved water qualitypositively impacts students' health, leading to better focus, mental clarity, and academic performance.

    By fostering healthy hydration habits, water filters encourage students to drink more water, reducing the consumption of sugary beverages. What’s more, providing clean water shows the school's commitment to student well-being and can contribute to a positive learning atmosphere, promoting a happier school community.

  • Why Choose Aquasafe for School Water Filters?

    When it comes to school water filters, Aquasafe stands out as a trusted choice. With over 25 years of Australian-owned and operated experience, we are dedicated to delivering quality products and service. Our water filters come with a reliable ten-year warranty and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring peace of mind for schools. Benefit from our price-beat guarantee and take advantage of free shipping, making it easier to provide clean and safe drinking water to students and staff. Trust Aquasafe's proven track record for excellence and prioritise student well-being with our top-notch water filter solutions.

  • Professional Installation of Your School's Water Filter

    Aquasafe makes installing water filter systems for school a breeze. With expertise in various filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis, Fluoride Removal, Ultraviolet (UV), and Twin Systems, we can install any Under sink Water Filter System seamlessly. Our skilled team handles installations of all brands, guaranteeing a smooth process. While based in Canberra and surrounding regions, we extend our services to Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane areas, ensuring schools nationwide can benefit from clean and safe drinking water. Trust Aquasafe's years of experience and dedication to providing top-notch installation services for an improved learning environment.

  • Shop Our Range of School Water Filters

    Discover Aquasafe's best water filters for schools today! With over 25 years of Australian-owned excellence, our range offers reliable solutions to provide clean and safe drinking water for students and staff. Don't compromise on quality - choose Aquasafe and create a healthier learning environment for everyone.