• Providing Quality Water Filtration Systems to Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast potable water quality varies a little from one water treatment plant to another however they all supply the same pipe network where the water supply from the various plants is mixed.

    The Coast has 3 water treatment plants, one at Mudgeeraba, one at Molendinar and the Desalination plant at Tugan. All are connected by a pipe network enabling them to supply any part of the Coast and beyond if necessary. Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast water storage and supply networks are also all linked to allow treated/ potable water to move between all areas.

    Hinze Dam located in the Gold Coast Hinterland supplies the majority of Gold Coast water with the other main supply coming from Tugan Desal plant. The dam was built across the Nerang River in 1976 and stores approximately 6 years of water supply based on a yearly consumption of 52,000 ML, zero rainfall and no desalinised water production.

    The Molendinar and Mudgeeraba plants are standard sand media based water treatment process while the Tugan De-salination plant uses the same process plus reverse osmosis membranes to remove salt and other contaminants from sea water supplied to the plant via an intake pipe 1.5 kilometres out to sea.

  • Providing Quality Water Filtration Systems to Gold Coast

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    Water Filter Cartridges

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