• Providing Quality Water Filtration Systems to Brisbane

    Aqua Safe offers many types of systems including Benchtop and Countertop systems, Underbench and Undersink systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration, Shower and Bath filters, Travel and Caravan Systems, Fluoride Fitration Systems, Whole House Filter Systems, Fridge Filters, Commercial Filtration Systems, Free standing water coolers / Bottled Water Coolers, Boilers and Chillers and many more. All of these systems and the many options for them are in stock and available for same day shipment, next day delivery in many capital cities including specific systems to suit; water filters Brisbane, water purifiers Brisbane and reverse osmosis Brisbane. Customers can “build their own” water filtration system to suit their particular application or requirement; selecting the particular filter type, contaminant removal and micron rating. The flexibility to customise a water filter to suit every region, town and application, while maintaining our 10 year warranty.

    Alkaline Water Brisbane

    While we cannot provide you alkaline water straight from the kitchen tap we can install re-mineraliser filters or Pi filters to raise the pH of the water thereby providing alkaline water. This is generally done by adding small amounts of calcium into the water however this can cause problems with the high calcium hardness already in Brisbane water. A more customised solution may be required from Aqua Safe rather than general water filters Brisbane or standard water purifiers Brisbane. You may need to consider reverse osmosis Brisbane systems.

  • Water Filter Cartridges

    Aqua Safe are also stockists of a wide selection of water filter cartridges for all of their models and many other brands, such as Aqua One and Pure Water systems which means no more time wasted trying to track down the right replacement water filter cartridge! Searching water filters Brisbane or reverse osmosis Brisbane, just come straight to Aqua Safe, we guarantee the highest quality, with the best service and price.

    Brisbane Water Quality

    The Brisbane drinking water supply is drawn from various water storages located around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The water for the city is treated by 3 water treatment plants; North Pine, Mt Crosby Eastbank and Mt Cosby Westbank before being distribauted throughout the city and surrounds. Aluminium Sulphate (alum) is still used to help flocculate and remove suspended material before treatment with chlorine, chloramine. Fluoride is added during the final stages of treatment. View Brisbane Water Quality Results.

    The main difference between Brisbane water and other cities around the country is the level of water hardness. Calcium and magnesium ions in the Brisbane water supply are the main cause of water hardness. Hard water is often noticed by the lack of soapy bubbles or ability to obtain a lather when washing. These ions cause scale to build up on hot water appliances, taps, shower screens, air conditioners etc. Brisbane water has average hardness levels between 93-143ppm as opposed to Sydney with levels of 14-75 or Melbourne with levels of 15-40ppm. Many customers are unaware and unconcerned about the level of hardness while others would like it treated, reduced or removed from the water supply. This can easily be done with specific media and cartridges. Using standard water filters Brisbane or water purifiers Brisbane may not provide the solution you are looking for.

    Simply contact Aqua Safe for assistance. Supplying and servicing countless customers in Brisbane for over 18 years we are the Brisbane water filter specialist.