Portable Water Filters

Portable Water Filters from AquaSafe are designed for on-the-go use, providing clean and safe drinking water wherever you are. Compact and efficient, they are perfect for travel, outdoor activities, or emergency situations. These filters ensure you have access to purified water at all times.

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    Portable Water Filters from AquaSafe are designed for convenience and mobility, ideal for travel, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness. These filters ensure access to clean, safe drinking water in various environments. They are easy to use and essential for situations where access to purified water is limited.

  • Providing Quality Water Filtration Systems
    At AquaSafe, we supply a range of high quality water filters to fit your home or office space. Check out our most popular water filters:

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    Replace Your Water Filter Cartridge
    AquaSafe are also stockists of a wide selection of water filter replacement cartridges for all of their models and many other brands, which means no more time wasted trying to track down the right replacement water filter cartridge!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does shipping cost?

    Shipping within Australia is free when spending over $75. Excludes some extra large items to remote locations.

  • How soon are orders dispatched.

    Shipping of your order is generally undertaken within 24 hours of the order being place. You will receive tracking once the item has shipped. For special or large orders, this may vary. Please contact Aqua Safe if you have a specific query on your order.

  • Benefits of a Portable Water Filter

    Portable water filters are essential for providing safe and clean drinking water when you're on the move. They are invaluable for outdoor activities, travel, or emergency situations where access to clean water is limited. These filters help in removing contaminants and ensuring healthy hydration.

  • What Makes a Water Filter 'Portable'?

    A water filter is considered portable when it is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. These filters are designed to be used without the need for a stationary water source, making them ideal for use in various locations and situations.

  • About us

    Aqua Safe have a specialised team of sales people, service technicians (plumbers and electricians) and engineers on staff to provide the very best service possible. Some of our team have over 25 years experience in the water filtration industry with industrial, commercial and residential systems giving us an enormous depth of knowledge and expertise.

  • Guarantee

    Aqua Safe was also the first company and the only company in the industry to offer a 30 day ‘No Questions Asked’ money back Satisfaction Guarantee on residential water filters. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and performance of your filtration system within 30 days of receiving it or having it installed, we will refund your money in full excluding any installation cost. It does not have to be in ‘as new condition’ because it never will be and our 30 day guarantee includes cartridges.

  • Innovation

    Aqua Safe International is constantly searching and researching the water filtration industry, Our dedicated team make sure we are always in touch with our customers’ needs and offer the best advice and pricing available.

    We are always searching for the best and most reliable components, parts and filters that are available by constantly testing different systems, filters and methods we aim to stay above others in our products, in range, quality and affordability.

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