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    Canberra Water Quality

    The Canberra drinking water supply is drawn from 2 main water storages before being treated by 1 of 2 Water Treatment Plants. The Mount Stromlo and Googong Water Treatment Plants supply water around the city and surrounding districts through a 3034 km network of water mains with 23 pumping stations and 45 service reservoirs.

    Aluminium Sulphate (alum is still used at both treatment plants as a coagulant to remove unwanted colour and turbidity from the raw water entering the treatment plants. The water is then filtered, UV treated, pH adjusted and stabilized with lime or carbon dioxide before being chlorinated and fluoride (sodium silico fluoride) added.

    The average daily water consumption is 318 litres per person per day.

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  • Blue-Green Algae in ACT Water

    Blue-green algae which is also known as cyanobacteria are organisms that grow in fresh and saline water. Large blooms of blue-green algae can result in water being unsafe in Canberra. This is because the algae release toxins as they die. These toxins are harmful to humans. Toxins cause symptoms such as eye and skin irritations, sore throats and gastroenteritis for humans.

    Canberra Water and Chlorine

    Chlorine is added at a very high rate to the drinking water as a disinfectant at the treatment plants located at Stromlo and Googong. Canberra has the highest rate of chlorine in the drinking water in Australia. With an average rate of 2ppm compared to Brisbane at a rate of 1ppm and Sydney with a rate of 0.2ppm, the need for water filters could be considered essential for your health. We once boasted having the best water quality in the country, this is unfortunately no longer the case. Chlorine at such high rates also reacts with the naturally occurring organic substances in the water to produce THM’s, an undesirable and unhealthy product to drink. These high levels make chlorine easy to smell and taste particularly in the morning or when having a shower.

    Water Filter Cartridges

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