What is an Inline Water Filter?

Put simply, an inline water filter is a type of standalone water filter that is typically installed on a water line, with the water passing through the filter prior to the tap or appliance. There are two basic types of what are commonly referred to as “Inline Water Filters”. The first and most common type of inline water filter is the hassle-free under sink inline filter system. These are ideal for providing filtered drinking water directly to your existing tap, without the need to install a separate drinking water faucet. The second type is widely used for situations where it is desirable to filter your water prior to a fridge, coffee machine, caravan, or other purposes in an easy to install system.  Simply click in an inline filter anywhere on the water line prior to your application and enjoy the use of filtered water. We will cover the key consideration on undersink inline filter systems below.

What is an Inline Water Filter?

The difference between an inline filter and a standard filter system is that they are generally used with your existing tap or outlet and don’t require a separate drinking water faucet. Inline Water filters utilise different materials and media to remove contaminants from the water, just like standard filters. They are also available in a range of sizes, specifications, and ratings to suit your filtration requirement.

How do Inline Water Filters work?

Inline Water Filters typically produce filtered water by running all your cold water through a cartridge system that purifies your water on that water line. The filter cartridge contains high-quality filtration media that removes or reduces undesirable contaminants from your water source. The tap or appliance that has the inline filter installed will then always have filtered water as all water will pass through the inline filter. One of the greatest benefits of inline filter systems is their ease of installation. Without the need for a faucet or permanent mounting, they are perfect for DIY installation, rental properties and stone benchtops where is it not desirable to drill holes for another tap. Replacement filters for inline filter systems are readily available and user friendly. By replacing your inline filter cartridge at least annually, you will ensure continued high quality filtered water. 

Do you need a separate tap?

You do not require a separate tap for a typical inline water filter system. Simply install the existing cold-water line to your flick mixer and enjoy the benefits of a high flow filtration system. Purposely built to suit high flow scenarios such as your kitchen tap, these systems will not impact your existing flow rate or pressure and are designed to filter large volumes of water, meaning you won’t be changing filters more than annually unless you are in a very high sediment situation. Should you choose, you can certainly utilise a separate drinking water faucet with a traditional inline filter system. By doing so you could make use of the easy to change and high flow filter cartridges used in inline filter systems.

How long do filter replacement cartridges last?

A good guide to the replacement of any type of filter is to change annually. Doing so will ensure that the filtration media does not become depleted, and your filter continues to perform as intended. 

Why you should invest in an Inline Water Filter System?

The benefits of investing in an inline water filter system are many.

High Flow design

Better Flow rates are achieved with an inline filter system than traditional undersink filter systems. All your cold water is filtered and the installation of such a system does not impact your existing pressure or flow rate to your flick mixer.

No need for a separate drinking water faucet

There are many situations where it may be desirable to maintain a single water outlet in your kitchen and not have a separate drinking water faucet. These include designer flick mixers and kitchens, stone benchtops, rental properties, and limited bench space as examples.

Easy Filter cartridge changes

The design of these systems allows for simple filter changes when required. Simply turn your water off under sink, twist the cartridge a quarter turn to the left and pull down!

Can be fitted in smaller spaces

Perfect for tight spaces or where you can’t mount a traditional filter system. You can install the inline filter either horizontally or vertically. No need to mount if screwing into cupboard walls is an issue.

What is the best Inline Water Filter?

The best inline water filter systems have high flow rates, are easy to install and change cartridges and remove a high level of impurities.
The Aqua Safe QC system is ideal for all undersink inline scenarios.

Best Inline Water Filter System for Home

Aqua Safe has a wide range of Inline Water Filter Systems for Home. The best Inline undersink filtration system is the QC350-1. We also stock inline Fridge Filters and Shower Filters.

Best Inline Water Filter System for Caravans

Looking for a caravan inline water filter system to filter your water before filling your caravan tanks? We also stock compact and space-saving high flow inline systems for under your caravan sink.

Where to buy Inline Water Filters?

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