The Complete Guide to John Guest Fittings - All You Need to Know

Welcome to The Complete Guide to John Guest Fittings, your go-to resource for understanding these innovative plumbing solutions. Available at AquaSafe, John Guest Fittings offer a comprehensive range of metric and imperial push-fit connections for water and air tube applications. 

Designed for fluid control and drink dispensing, these fittings guarantee the purification of water systems. They are ideal for various applications, from compressor receivers to air line service components. AquaSafe provides a 10-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you get reliable and hassle-free plumbing solutions. Whether you're looking for straight connectors, elbow fittings, or shut-off valves, John Guest has the fitting for your specific needs.

What are John Guest Fittings

John Guest Fittings are a quick-connect plumbing solution designed for secure and easy connections without the need for tools or soldering. Commonly used in water filtration systems and air tube applications, these fittings offer a reliable and leak-free connection. Available in metric and imperial sizes, they are ideal for various applications, including fluid control and dispensing. John Guest Fittings simplify installation and maintenance, making them a preferred choice for many plumbing and filtration needs.

The Different Types of John Guest Fittings

Male & Female Adaptors

Male and female Adaptors are designed to connect tubes of different genders securely. Use these adaptors to join a male tube end to a female tube end or vice versa in your plumbing or filtration system.

john guest male adaptors

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Straight Connectors

Straight connectors are used to join two tubes in a straight line. Utilise these connectors to extend your tubing length in water or air applications. 

john guest straight connectors

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Tubing & Tube Inserts

Tubing and tube Inserts provide the actual pathways for fluid or air. Use these components to replace or install new tubes in your system, ensuring a secure fit with tube inserts. 

john guest tubing

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Shut Off Valves

Shut Off Valves allow you to control the flow of fluid or air in your system. Install these valves at strategic points to easily turn off the flow when needed.

john guest shut off valves

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Elbow Fittings

Elbow Fittings are designed to change the direction of your tubing at a 90-degree angle. Use these fittings to navigate corners or redirect fluid or air flow. 

john guest elbow fittings

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Tee Fittings

Tee Fittings are used to split or combine the flow in your tubing system. Install these where you need to divert flow in multiple directions. 

john guest tee fittings

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Stem Adaptors

Stem Adaptors allow you to connect different types of fittings or tubes. Use these adaptors to transition from one type of connection to another seamlessly. 

john guest stem adaptors

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Bulkhead Connectors

Bulkhead Connectors are used to secure tubing through a panel or wall. Utilise these connectors when you need to route tubing through a solid surface. 

john guest straight connectors

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Two Way Dividers

Two Way Dividers are designed to split the flow of fluid or air into two separate paths. Use these when you need to distribute flow evenly to two different areas. 

john guest two way dividers

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Single Check Valves

Single Check Valves allow fluid or air to flow in one direction only, preventing backflow. Install these valves to ensure that your system operates without reverse flow issues. 

john guest single check valves

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End Stops & Plugs

End Stops and plugs are used to seal off the end of a tube. Use these components to close off unused sections of your tubing system. 

john guest end stops & plugs

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Locking Clips

Locking Clips are designed to secure connections, preventing accidental disconnection. Install these clips on your fittings to ensure a secure and stable system. 

john guest locking clips

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When to Use John Guest Fittings

John Guest fittings are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of situations that require secure and easy-to-install connections. Whether you're setting up a home water filtration system, installing commercial water filters in an office or restaurant, or even working on various other plumbing applications like air tube connections, these fittings offer a reliable solution. Their quick-connect design eliminates the need for tools or soldering, making them ideal for DIY projects as well as professional installations. They are particularly useful in scenarios where you need to make frequent changes to the system or require a leak-free, secure connection for long-term use.

How to Install & Disconnect John Guest Fittings

Installing and disconnecting John Guest fittings is generally straightforward and doesn't require extensive plumbing expertise. These fittings are designed for quick-connect and tool-free applications, making them accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The push-fit technology allows for easy installation and secure connections without the need for soldering or special tools. Disconnecting is equally simple, usually requiring just a push of the fitting's collet to release the tube. While the process is user-friendly, it's always advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines or consult a professional for complex installations.

Where to Buy John Guest Fittings?

Elevate your plumbing and filtration systems with Aquasafe, Australia's trusted supplier of John Guest fittings. Don't compromise on quality; choose from our comprehensive range for secure and hassle-free connections. Make the smart choice—shop with Aquasafe today!

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