What Are Free Standing Water Coolers and How Do They Work?

Free Standing Water Coolers are a simple and easy solution when looking to provide great tasting filtered and chilled or hot water to your home or office environment.

Available in bottle top or plumbed-in variants, Water coolers work by taking your existing water supply and using a quality filter and internal chiller to provide great tasting water.

What is a Free Standing Water Cooler?

Free Standing water coolers are essentially a stand alone unit you can install virtually anywhere to provide great tasting chilled or hot water. Water coolers are a great addition to a home or office. They can be placed directly on the floor or for those with less space, a benchtop water cooler unit may be better suited. 

Water cooler units can be attached to your existing water supply outlet for continuous water supply. Alternatively the bottle top units simply require a tap to re-fill the bottle that attaches to the top of the unit.  No additional plumbing or connections are required for bottle top units, making them an excellent choice for temporary, remote or multiple unit installations.  Save significant time and money. Simply use a quality AquaSafe water filter on your bottle top system and re-fill your bottle with your existing tap water. No need for an expensive bottle refill service or to have dozens of empty bottles lying around. 

Whilst known as water coolers, Aqua Safe quality units are also available with the additional option of hot water that can be utilised for tea and coffee making purposes. 

How Do Free Standing Water Coolers Work?

Water Coolers work by either chilling or heating the supplied water and then storing this water in an internal reservoir for use when needed. By selecting either the Chilled, Ambient or Hot tap on the unit, you can fill your glass, water bottle, mug with the correct water for your desired application. 

It is recommended to use a filter for any free standing water cooler unit to ensure great tasting water, whether it be chilled, ambient or hot. An internal condenser is used to chill the water to between 4-10 degrees Celsius. Where selected, the hot tank can provide water at a temperature between 84-89 degrees Celsius. The benefit of freestanding water coolers is that due to the internal storage tanks capacity, once the water is chilled or heated to temp, the unit is in idle, much like a fridge would be. The cost of running a water cooler is significantly less than buying large amounts of bottled water that then need to be stored at the desired temperature. 

How Long Do Water Coolers Last?

A quality water cooler may last decades if correctly maintained and serviced. Aqua Safe Water coolers are provided with a 3 year comprehensive warranty. 

How To Clean a Water Cooler?

It is recommended to service and clean water cooler units on a regular basis. This is both internally and externally to keep the operation of the unit at its optimum. Wipe over external surfaces frequently and sanitise the taps and internal water storage tanks to keep the water clean and safe. Keep any cooling fans and internals of the unit free from dust and in an environment with plenty of air flow. 

Why Do You Need a Water Cooler?

A freestanding water cooler is a convenient way to provide many years of filtered and chilled or hot water in a simple to use and inexpensive unit. Ideal for home or office use, users can have all the benefits of filtered and chilled water, without the hassle or expense of complicated equipment. 

How To Choose The Right Standing Water Cooler?

Choosing the right water cooler for home or office is as simple as asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a freestanding of bench top unit?
  • Will I plumb the unit in or is bottle top unit more convenient for my situation?
  • What type of water do I require - Chilled and ambient or Chilled and Hot?
  • What colour do I want the unit to be in -  off white or black?

You can select the above options from the plumbed in or bottle top water coolers below:
Bottle Top Water Coolers
Plumbed in Water Coolers

How Much Does a Free Standing Water Cooler Cost?

For less than $620 you can purchase a filtered and chilled freestanding plumbed in water cooler unit. Bottle Top units can be purchased for less than $500 for filtered and chilled. Be aware of cheap Water coolers that don’t carry the watermark standard or are made from inferior components that also don’t offer comprehensive warranty periods. You get what you pay for is true for Water cooler units. 

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