How To Remove Fluoride From Water

Removal of fluoride in water is possible with specialised filter cartridges or other dedicated filter systems such as Reverse Osmosis. Different removal methods vary in their effectiveness at removing the fluoride from the water. Not all water filters remove fluoride and standard carbon filter media used in common filter systems is ineffective. Refer the AquaSafe Home Water Filter collection for the different types of filtration available.

What Is Fluoridated Water?

Fluoridated water is water that has injected or treated with the chemical fluoride. The element fluoride occurs naturally in rocks and soil, however the man-made version used in water treatment is usually a by-product of certain manufacturing processes, most notably Aluminium. The AquaSafe article on fluoride is a good source of further information of the element and effects of this type of water treatment.

Why is Fluoride added to our water?

Fluoride has historically been added to the water supplies in the majority of Australian towns and cities to assist with the prevention of tooth decay since the 1950’s. Over 70% of town water supplies are fluoridated. Numerous studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of fluoride in reducing the incidence of tooth decay, along with studies into potential negative health effects of the chemical being ingested.

Do Water Filters remove Fluoride?

Not all water filters remove fluoride - fluoride in water is extremely difficult to remove once added. To remove greater than 90% of fluoride from the water, reverse osmosis, distillation, resin, alumina, or bone char can be applied. These types of filtration utilise different techniques and may have potential benefits and downsides depending on the specific situation. The two most common methods of fluoride removal are reverse osmosis and specialty filtration media such as resin, alumina, and bone char. Reverse Osmosis works by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane, removing the majority of contaminants, including 95% of fluoride, Resin, Alumina or bone char filtration is the process of absorption or attraction of the fluoride by the particular media used in the filter. Carbon media used in standard water filter systems does not remove fluoride.

What are the best water filters to remove fluoride?

Aqua Safe stocks a variety of different fluoride water filer systems. The most comprehensive fluoride filter is reverse osmosis. In situations where it is not desirable or necessary to utilise reverse osmosis, Alumina media is the next best solution. This will not remove minerals or adversely impact the pH of the filtered water.

Other ways to remove Fluoride from Water

Distillation of water removes fluoride, however requires a lot of energy for the process to be undertaken and is generally not considered very user friendly. Boiling of water does not remove fluoride.

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