Everything To Know When Choosing A Water Filter System For Home

Our body is comprised of over 70% water, meaning the quality of water we consume impacts on our overall health and performance. Therefore, filtering your water is an important consideration. If you are looking at investing in a quality water filter system for home, there are several key things to consider.

Essentially, there are two different ways to filter the water in your home.

  • A Whole house water filter, also known as a Point of Entry Filter (POE) system. As the name suggests, this type of system is installed on the main water line to your house and provides filtration to all the water prior to entering the premises. 
  • A single filter system at a specific tap, also know as a Point of Use (POU) system. A benchtop water filter, an under sink water filter or a reverse osmosis water filter are good examples of POU water filtration systems. 

Depending on your specific requirements, location, and water quality, it may be ideal to have either of these types of water filtration systems. Often the best home water filter system for your Individual situation could be a combination of both types of water filtration systems.

Why Do You Need a Water Filter System For Home?

While it is better to drink tap water than many beverages, tests show that tap water contains up to 260 contaminants, many of which are unregulated by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and are not healthy to drink. 

Filtering your water with a Water Filter system for home can remove some or all of chlorine and other contaminants including bacteria, heavy metals, fluoride aluminium sulfate etc. 

Types of Home Water Filters

As mentioned above, there are two different approaches to filtering your water at home. Below are the most common whole house water filter systems and point of use systems, along with how they can provide a benefit to you. 

Under Sink Water Filter

An under sink water filter system is self-explanatory. It refers to any type of drinking water filtration system that is situated or mounted under your sink. The benefit of an under sink system is that the systems are generally lower cost and they provide increased contaminant removal compared to a whole house water filter.

Under Sink Water Filter System

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems are a type of under sink filtration. These systems remove the highest level of contaminants out of all types of water filtration, and are excellent if you require ultra-pure drinking water. Reverse Osmosis can be a complicated concept to understand however we make it simple with our ‘What is Reverse Osmosis’ guide.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Water Softener Systems

A whole house solution to hard water, a water softener will remove or reduce elements such as calcium and manganese from your supply. Excellent for bore water treatment and softening town water supplies that are high in certain types of minerals that lead to calcification and hard water. 

Water Softener Filter

Benchtop Water Filter Systems

A benchtop water filter is ideal for those renting or not able to mount a filter system under sink. They generally attach to your existing flick mixer with a simple diverter valve and can be utilised as required without the hassle of removing each time. Available in single filter systems, all the way up to Reverse Osmosis systems, benchtop water filters are extremely flexible for many different types of water filtration. 

Benchtop Water Filter System

Fluoride Removal Water Filter System

Fluoride is added to most town water supplies in Australia. A Fluoride water filter system will remove or reduce this chemical from your drinking water. Available as a point of use filter system only, they can consist of an under sink water filter or benchtop water filter system. 

Fluoride Removal Water Filter Systems

Whole of House Water Filter Systems

A whole house water filter system is a point of entry system that filters your water prior to entry – thereby all the water in your home is filtered. Ideal for rain and tank water supplies where sediment or bacteria are a concern or town supplies where it is ideal to remove contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines or heavy metals for the entire house. 

When paired with an under sink or other point of use water filter system, a higher level of containment removal can be achieved.

Whole of House Water Filter Systems

Ultraviolet Water Filtration Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) water filtration systems are best utilised where bacteria or virus may be present in your water supply. Available in Whole house or under sink configurations, UV systems will ensure you have water treated for these potentially harmful microorganisms. 

Ultraviolet UV Water Filter Systems

How Much Do Water Filter Systems Cost?

Cost of Water Filter Systems varies depending on type (POU or POE), filtration levels, stages, quality and so on. A single home water filter system for your whole house can cost as little of $219, ranging up to larger triple systems that cost $919 with quality filtration. The most popular system on the market (Aquasafe AS405 Big Blue Twin) is $449. 

Under sink and benchtop systems also vary. The most popular under sink water system is $259 (AquaSafe AS200 Twin), however a comprehensive reverse osmosis system (AquaSafe ASRO4 Reverse Osmosis) is $759. Still a small price to pay for peace of mind and great tasting pure water. 

What Is The Best Home Water Filter For You?

The best home water filter for you will depend on what your situation is, what you wish to remove from your water and your budget. We recommend speaking to an expert at Aqua Safe to clarify your individual scenario and discuss the best options for you. 

How To Install Your Home Water Filter

Most Home Water Filter systems can be self-installed. The systems come with comprehensive installation instructions to assist. In some cases, it is recommended to have a plumber provide this service. This is most common with whole house filter systems where you need to access the mains water supply. If you require assistance, contact us today!

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