Why You Should Invest in a Caravan Water Filter

Why You Should Purchase a Caravan Water Filter for Your Next Camping Trip

Whether you are going for a quick weekend away or for an extended lap of Australia with the family, you will need to consider the quality of water available to use in your Caravan or RV. You will come across many different sources of water in your travels across the country – from town, tank, river or bore water. All of these may present unique challenges to safe, clean, and great-tasting drinking water.

A high-quality Caravan water Filter, whether it’s located before your caravan water tank, an under-sink inline filter inside your caravan or even installing both types of filtration, will go a long way to alleviating any issues with the water. The last thing you want on an extended trip is dubious water that doesn’t taste great, is classified as hard water, or may even contain unwanted bacteria & other pathogens that can cause illness.

There are many different water filters for caravans out there, install an Aqua Safe Caravan Water Filter and enjoy your trip.

How do Caravan Inline Water Filters work? 

Caravan Inline Water Filters work the same as a conventional filter, with the advantage of connecting directly to the water supply line. An Inline water filter can be used directly for filling your tank or as an under-sink water filter. Inline Caravan filters for filling your tank can connect via “Click Clack” hose fittings for simple and easy connection and use. Inline Undersink Filters can be used with your existing flick mixer or with a separate drinking water faucet. There are many different options for each type of filtration you decide to proceed with.

Most caravan filters work by one of three methods:

Absorption Filtration.

Carbon is the most prolific example of this. As the water passes through the filter, the carbon captures or absorbs some chemical compounds such as chlorine, along with sediment and some organic compounds. 

Mechanical Filtration

A physical barrier is used to screen out physical contaminants such as sediment and rust and other floating particles. Micron rating is the key to this type of Filter, the lower the micron rating, the smaller the screen.

Ion-Exchange Filtration

Utilised where hardness is an issue, this type of filter uses resin to attract the “hardness” elements and remove them from the water. They are often combined with other carbon-based media and can be exhausted quickly depending on the water quality. Some specialty Ion exchange filters can be recharged or backflushed to extend their lifespan.

Why do you need a water filter on your caravan?

A Caravan Water Filter should be considered essential for your trip. Not only will this make your water taste great, but it will also provide some peace of mind when you cannot be certain of the water quality in the area.

There are many things to be aware of with different water qualities away from cities and town supplies. Councils treat municipal water supplies across Australia with chlorine or a similar disinfectant chemical known as Chloramine to sanitise the water and kill any parasites and bacteria that may be present.

Along with removing these disinfectants for your drinking water, a caravan filter will also assist in removing these parasites and bacteria in uncertain supply areas.

A Caravan filter will also improve the quality of the water by removing sediment, rust, and other floating particulates. They can also assist by removing or reducing the hardness of the water. Particularly important when bore water is the primary supply.

What types of Caravan Water Filters are there?

Caravan Water Filters can come in many different shapes, sizes, uses and applications. As mentioned previously, a caravan filter can be installed either before you fill your water tank reservoir, under-sink in the van or both.

An inline caravan filter for use when filling your tank is typically designed to handle the higher flow required to fill your tank. These can be single or multi-stage and often focus on sediment and chlorine cyst reduction.

Undersink filters within the van can be utilised just like in any residential house. Space is also often a consideration with this type of filter. These range from simple single-stage filters, all the way through to multistage, fluoride reduction, heavy metal filters or even full UV or reverse osmosis systems.

What are the best Inline Water Filters for caravans? 

The Aqua Safe AS200CV is designed for filling your van or RV in regional locations. The filter comes standard with a 0.5-micron sediment filter in the first stage. This is followed by an activated carbon filter in the second stage that will reduce or remove chlorine, taste, odour, hardness and harmful cysts and bacteria.

The AS2210CV is a compact, single-stage 1-micron Carbon Filter. Can easily slot into your tight under-sink area for great tasting and filtered water.

The Benchtop Reverse Osmosis system is also ideal for a complete filtration solution. Removes or reduces sediment, Chlorine, Fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals and a whole host of other contaminants. Easy attaches to your flick mixer and can be removed and stored when not in use. Great for situations where the water quality is of a particularly unknown quality

How to install a caravan water filter?

Aqua Safe caravan filters can be provided with a variety of fitting sizes for an easy installation. Just let us know the size of the tube or hose and we can provide this with your filter of choice for super easy fitting. 

See our full range of Caravan Water Filters at Aquasafe

Caravan Water Filter Installation is a very important consideration for any trip. Even more important is where the water quality may be of a poor or unknown standard. Inside the van, under the sink or both, the choice is yours to make. Contact us today to find out more about our Caravan Water Filtration Systems.